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AquaFlow Powerful Drain Blockage Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder (110G) (Pack of 1)

AquaFlow Powerful Drain Blockage Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder (110G) (Pack of 1)

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Are you tired of battling stubborn clogs and worrying about potential damage to your plumbing system? Look no further than AquaFlow Drain Unblocker Powder, the powerful yet safe solution for all your drainage needs. 


    Key Features:

    • Toilet Safe: Unlike caustic drain chemicals that generate excessive heat and pose a risk to your toilet, AquaFlow is safe to use in toilets. 
    • Effortless and Mess-Free: Say goodbye to measuring, splashing, or mess. No need to struggle with a toilet auger or plunger.
    • Non-Corrosive Formula: Our cleaner is made of a non-corrosive formula, ensuring it won't harm your drains, pipes, or septic system. 
    • Wide Applications: Suitable for kitchen water pipes, toilets, bathrooms, floor drains, oil clogs, sewage-immersed pipes, and various other drainage systems. 

    Product Details:

    • Pack Size: 110 grams (Pack of 1)
    • Safety First: AquaFlow Drain Unblocker Powder is designed with safety in mind, making it suitable for household use without the worry of damage or hazards.
    • Septic System-Friendly: Rest easy knowing this cleaner is safe for septic systems, preserving your plumbing infrastructure.
    • Efficient Results: Tackle even the toughest clogs with ease, restoring the flow of water in your drains. 

    Say goodbye to clogs, prevent plumbing disasters, and enjoy a hassle-free drain cleaning experience with AquaFlow Drain Unblocker Powder. It's the safe, easy, and effective choice for maintaining a smoothly flowing plumbing system.

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